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Established in 1979 with a proud history of serving the steel industry in South Wales, the Fairwood Group has developed into a quality provider of Fabrication Engineering and Pipework services. Our drive for continuous improvement coupled with significant re-investment over the last 35 years has meant that we can deliver a competitive, high quality and efficient service to our customers.

The group prides itself on a 24 hour emergency call-out service available 365 days a year providing round the clock response and support for our customers which is second to none. We can provide a complete service from design through to installation to meet any of our customers’ requirements and expectations. Coupled with our high safety, quality, environmental standards and our proven reliability this has helped us to become a preferred supplier to our customers.
We have a dedicated and experienced management team supported by a highly skilled workforce who we believe will instil the confidence in our customers that Fairwood Holdings intends to secure its future for at least the next 35 years and beyond.

Fairwood Holdings - Gherold Davies

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